What Do You Expect from Shapewear?

old corset

I hated shapewear unless I absolutely had to look thinner. This was usually always. We turn to our shapewear to give us that instant slim and improved look. According to Jockey International, 44% of us women are wearing shapewear regularly. Yet, all women know how it goes – it’s hot, rides up, it’s too darn tight and you are ready to rip it off in the public restroom of the restaurant after you have had two glasses of liquid courage and an appetizer. I had every piece of shapewear imaginable in my drawer. I could trim the waist, slim the thighs, corset my middle and squeeze my butt. There was no body part I could not push, constrict or force into place with a piece of shapewear.

Wikipedia describes the function of shapewear as “not to enhance a bodily feature (as would, for example, a padded bra) but to smooth or control the display of one”. This distinction is critical for me. It releases me from the discomfort and disappointment of my old shapewear and brings me forward to today’s superior and comfortable options. Expect more from your shapewear! Understand its purpose.

Anna Zornosa, CEO of Ruby Ribbon (www.buyshapewear.com) said it beautifully with “Just as beauty radiates from within, fashion is created from a smooth palate. Great looks start with foundations. As with any work of art, we need to begin with a smooth canvas and then create fashion as art”. Well, I don’t know if I can create art out of my closet but I do know I can embrace the concept of smooth instead of constrict. Basically, she is stating that instead of trying to get rid of what’s there, work with it! Keep it smooth and let the outfit do the rest. Ruby Ribbon is in the forefront of improved shapewear with what they have coined as “intomi” technology. There is no riding up, moisture is wicked away from the skin and it moves with your body. They describe their shapewear as every day, all day wearable. Their foundation garments are their gift to us for a smooth canvas. We are responsible for the art, whatever that may be for each of us.

If you are looking for quality shapewear that is comfortable shop Ruby Ribbon at http://www.buyshapewear.com. You are beautiful inside and out!


4 thoughts on “What Do You Expect from Shapewear?

  1. Hmm. Interesting. I’ve never owned shapewear but am intrigued by those terribly painful experiences our great-grandmothers endured with corsets and the like.

  2. A million years ago I was the manager of the lingerie department in a department store and was actually a certified bra fitter. It was crazy the miracles people expected out of their shapewear! I’ve only recently started wearing shapewear, mostly to church, for a smoother look. I’ve never really thought of the definition of shapewear before, but that is perfect and spot on!
    Here from SITS

  3. Wow, really 44% of women! That is much much higher than I would expect. I am only 29 and have never worn shapewear of any kind except for a bustier under a dress once. I can’t imagine wearing shapewear every day but I guess as I age I may feel more of a need and it is good to know that more comfortable options are out there!

  4. Yes, I know that moment of desperately wanting release from the confines of shape wear all too well! I love the idea of embracing the shape of our bodies and simply smoothing the lines so our clothes drape and flatter.

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