Leggings 101 – Mommy Style


There is nothing more comfortable than a great pair of leggings!  Leggings are the ultimate Mommy wardrobe piece.  One of my Mommy hang-ups is how quickly I can end up looking sloppy in an effort to be comfortable.  Some days, I love a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and that is what Mommy needs to wear that day.  However,  I want to be comfortable and NOT look sloppy sometimes too.  I have discovered ankle leggings and I love them!   Leggings definitely belong with a longer t-shirt, tunic, mini-dress or other top that will partially or totally cover your bum.  Leggings can be dressed up or dressed down.  I am going to focus on dressed down because that is my Mommy style. You will never see me in heels with my ankle leggings – only flats or flat boots!  I emphasize ease with basic t’s, long sweaters and tops and a great accessory.

Check out the leggings at www.buyshapewear.com because they have skinny band technology that smooths you out as well as makes you comfortable!



9 thoughts on “Leggings 101 – Mommy Style

  1. Nice outfits. For some reason, I only wear leggings in cold weather because I only like how they look on my with boots.

  2. I am definitely on a quest to find the perfect leggings! I wore them out shopping this afternoon and before we got home I felt like I was constantly having to pull them up because they had stretched from all the walking! Beyond annoying! I will definitely have to check out this brand! I love all your outfit ideas!

    Stopping by from SITS!

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