It’s National Shave Your Legs Day (the whole leg)!


It is the annual shave your legs event for me today!  Valentine’s Day means I pull out all the stops for my husband.  I shave my legs (both upper and lower), my underarms and my bikini line – ALL IN THE SAME  DAY. Woohoo!  It takes forever.  I get in the shower and I know i’ts a race for me to get it done before the hot water runs out.  Today I had to use two razors because one of them got clogged.  Eww, gross but yes it did. 

I’m far along enough in my marriage that I don’t have to shave my legs for every date night.  My dear husband, god bless him, accepts me as I am.  He just closes his eyes and doesn’t look.  Heck, after a few weeks the hair on my legs is long and silky enough that he doesn’t even know if its my thigh or head he is caressing. 

I shave.  I honestly do.  Its just that different parts get their turn each day/week/month.  I’m a rotating the shave kind of gal.  I also believe in taking breaks.  Like, no shaving on Sunday.  It may all grow as it is naturally intended.  Monday rolls around and its time for the underarms again.  This way of shaving saves time, money and somehow I’m sure it is good for the environment. 

My husband loves today.  He loves when he hears the shower go longer than 20 minutes because he knows….he knows something special is coming.  It is Valentine’s Day.  This is a big deal.  This is National Shave Your Legs Day. 

I hope you are loved as I am!  – Jenn from


6 thoughts on “It’s National Shave Your Legs Day (the whole leg)!

  1. So hilarious. Loved this. And honestly, I had the intention of shaving my legs today. If it weren’t for the toddlers pounding on the door while in the shower, it would have been done. Crazy kids.

    Glad to have found you through SITS 🙂 ~Jenna

  2. Hahaha! My husband has come to accept the fact that a full shaved leg = a special occasion. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to spend 45 minutes de-hairing myself everyday, but there’s something about the pressure of a kid screaming for you to get him milk, or a snack, that just makes it seem a little more stressful. Also, I don’t do well under pressure and lose enough blood to need my own snack and juice. LOL

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