Heartbroken over Hailey

This blog post has nothing to do with keeping fashion simple and real for moms. It probably doesn’t belong on my blog page at all. The truth is I’m angry and I just don’t give a sh*t about clothes today.  I do need to express myself in some form or I won’t be okay.   Today is about acknowledging a community’s grief over the kidnapping and murder of Hailey Owens.  It is about expressing my anger, mortification, heartbreaking sickness and disbelief that this happened here in peaceful and family friendly Springfield, MO.   I’m publicly declaring how much I hate that pedophiles exist at all and I’m sharing it with whoever will read it.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday.  It hit 59 degrees the last time I saw the temperature.  We were lucky to be enjoying unseasonably warm weather.  Children all over town were outside to play and revel in it!   What a joy to get out and run.

The news reported Evil approached 10 year old Hailey at 4:45pm while she was outside walking.  Evil forced her into a truck and drove her in to a Hell that I can not fathom.  When I heard she was abducted by a stranger my stomach felt nauseous.  Shortly thereafter, I heard that eerie alarm go off on my phone that an amber alert had been issued and my heart broke.

Let me tell you I prayed to God HARD.  I prayed Hailey to not be in pain, to not be scared, to have a miracle occur on her behalf.

This community is heartbroken and outraged.  My friends and I have been expressing this all last evening and today on Facebook.  We can’t understand it.  We can’t imagine what Hailey’s mother and family are experiencing if we, as strangers feel this type of grief.  There is more than one mom crying on behalf of Hailey.  I do not understand my own strong and emotional reaction to Hailey’s kidnapping & murder.  It has hit me in a raw, exposed place I did not know I had.  Hailey was abducted at 4:45pm and Evil arrested at 8:30pm.  She was already gone.  The Springfield Police Department and FBI did everything right.  They were there within three and half hours and still they could not save her.  IT’S NOT FAIR.

What can we do to stop pedophiles?  To protect our children? Does the Stranger Danger curriculum really work? Do self defense classes for kids? Does anyone have an answer they can share with me and the rest of the world? I want a real answer. A real solution to keep our children safe from these monsters.

I hope if you are reading this and feel anger or grief that you find a way to your calm place too. Reach out. A whole community feels the same way you do.

I wish my writing this could bring Hailey back and restore her family to yesterday before 4:45pm.  My sincerest, deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and friends of Hailey Owens.

Hailey – you dear sweet beautiful innocent child.  Peace be with you.


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