Sweatpants – lOOk Sexy!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Sweatpants + looking good = oxymoron! I have tended to purchase all of my sweatpants while on the way out the door of Target or Walmart. I never even tried them on – a sweatpant is a sweatpant is a sweatpant. They are all comfortable, baggy and make me look like a slob. So, I decided to research if there was such a thing as a cute sweatpant and lo and behold! There is! So on days when your Ruby Ribbon leggings are in the dirty clothes hamper pull out these cute things and have a great day! – Jenn from http://www.buyshapewear.com






I can’t pin them all! I have a lot more adorable sweatpant pictures at http://www.pinterest.com/JenniferLoyd01/cool-sweatpants/


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