My Vow of Necklace-less

I didn’t wear a necklace for five years. I couldn’t. One of my young kids would inevitably pull it and break it. After the third one bit the dust I took a “vow of necklace-less”. As a new Mom, I got so used to having no accessories that when I first started wearing them again I sort of freaked out. I believed in that flip around and look at yourself in the mirror and whatever caught your attention had to go rule. Well, I’d turn around and see a necklace that I wasn’t used to and of course, I was constantly wanting to take them off. I became the queen of the huge earring because I thought they could make up for the fact I had nothing around my neck. It took another year to get back in the habit of wearing necklaces! I wish I had known more about scarves. I could have worn them without fear of breaking. Scarves are a great way for Moms with young kids to do a bit of accessorizing. Check out all the ways you can tie one on – Chardonnay optional! – Jenn from (this is 4.5 minutes of amazing ways to tie a scarf)


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