Get Your Free Fashion Advice Here!

Who do you go to for a fashion opinion?  In a recent survey I took, overwhelmingly Moms chose their daughters as the go-to gal for the honest opinion.  Do I take the advice of the gal whose fashion staples are a pair of red sequin bling flats with purple socks lined in lime green topped with tutu and princess top? Gosh, my darling is a Betsey Johnson protégé!  Maybe I should listen up.

Recently, my daughter explained to me that I wear too many jeans.  I need to mix it up with grey and blue!?  It came out of left field and I was taken aback that she paid attention.  What about my tops I ask her?  Well, as long as you don’t wear boy colors like green she says.  I’ve got green all over my closet because I thought it matched my eyes.   I did however, get the thumbs up for how I dressed when I go to my  Ruby Ribbon trunk shows.  Those she counted as “fashion clothes”.  Woohoo!

Right now I can get away with being unfashionable.  I’ve got three years I think.  I will then become an embarrassment to my daughter and be told I must begin the arduous process of revamping my closet so I look appropriate when I attend her after school activities.  LOL!  I can hear it already.  I’m looking forward to –  yes your butt looks big, yes you look fat in that, you look so skinny you have to get them – comments she will bless me with.  Brutal constructive honesty!   I will look better than ever and get back in touch with the modern woman!

I love the honesty of my daughter.  I can’t wait for her to tell me how I look.  Just don’t grow up too fast baby girl!  I can stand to be unfashionable awhile longer.

Thanks for stopping by,  Jenn, from http://www.buyshapewear.comcropped-fb_post_403_17.jpg


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